An Ordinary Day

Monday 6:30am

Hayden woke up to another manic Monday. This was hard because she attended her best friend’s birthday party the day before. She drank, ate and laughed all night.  Well not all night, after a few games of Tipsy Topple she knew she had to leave.  She left at 1am and returned home at like 2am. By the time she took a shower and went to bed it was 3am.

Curled up in her fluffy warm lavender blankets, Hayden didn’t want to get out of bed.  She woke up tired with a major headache and severe indigestion. It took so much energy to just hit the snooze button again. After she hit the button about 4 times she looked at the clock.


“Okay, if I don’t get up now I’ll be late for work, said Hayden.”

Hayden rolled out of bed. Literally, she rolled out of bed so she could hit the floor and the impact could help her wakeup. Plus the uncomfortable floor inspired her to getup.

 Her bathroom was a wreck because she rush to go to the party and get into bed after the party, so all her stuff was scattered and misplaced. “Oh, boy this sucks. Where’s my toothbrush.”

She had to search for the most basic thing which caused her to waste time. Her window for getting to work on time was getting smaller. When she looked in the mirror she discovered her hair wasn’t too bad. It was slightly disheveled, nothing a little gel and combing couldn’t fix. She had just gotten it done yesterday. “Where’s my comb?” she looked around. She had no time to really look, so she just ran her fingers through it. “Okay, that will do. Everyone can’t look like a supermodel every day.”


When she finally opened the door to walk outside. She slipped on her broken step and took the expressway to the bottom.  Hayden dusted herself off and pushed her all her pain and embarrassment away so she can stay on schedule. Wearing her lavender business suit and neon green tennis shoes, she started walking briskly towards her train. Half way to her train stop it began raining first a drizzle. Then a windy drizzle. “This is going to get ugly. I can feel it in my knees.”

Hayden knew the rain was going to get worst so she ran into a nearby convenience store to buy an umbrella. She saw a men buying one at the counter. “Nice, they do have umbrellas.” She asked the clerk to direct her to the umbrellas. “Sorry Ms. we just sold our last umbrella.” Said the clerk. “Oh, no. Okay. Thanks.” Said Hayden. Hayden looked out the store window, it was pouring.  I’ll never make it to work on time.


She saw a broken umbrella that someone stuffed into the garbage. It was black, open pass its intended angle with three of it’s metal rods pocking out detached from it’s cover. “I can work with that.” Hayden grabbed the broken umbrella from the trash can. She pulled it, so that it was open at the appropriate angle. Then she used on hand to hold the handle and other hand to hold the cover down. Her neon green tennis shoes were on the move after that.


While Hayden was waiting for the light to change. Someone covered her broken umbrella with a larger one. When she looked over, it was a guy. Hayden recognized him because she saw him often while she was on her way to work. She’d never spoken to him before. He was always rushing and she was always rushing. He was also incredible handsome. He looked down at her with deep dark smoldering eyes. He was wearing his navy blue suit and shiny bald head. Hayden had fantasys about him. Her fantasies about him were extremely fulfilling.

“Hey!” He said

 “Hey. Thanks for the cover. I tried to buy an umbrella but the store sold out.” She said slightly embarrassed.

“Its okay. It happens. I see you out here all the time. My office is a few blocks pass your station.”

“Dag, he knows my train station.”

“I’ll share my umbrella with you.”

“Okay. Thank you so much.”

On there way to the train they talked about work. Hayden told him about the party she had went to the day before.  The conversation was good. So once they reached her train  they exchanged numbers.


“Yay.” Hayden was happy.

She held onto her broken umbrella because she would need something for when she got off the train. She discovered that among its other malfunctions. It didn’t close. She walked through the turnstile trying not to hit anyone with the broken umbrella. She held it low so she wouldn’t pock anyone in the eye with the metal rods.  Plus she didn’t want to hold it over her head in fear it may cause bad luck.

Looking low to avoid hitting people’s legs.  She noticed some money laying on the ground right below her umbrella. It didn’t have a name on it so she picked it up. Like a bandit she slipped it into her pocket like it never happened.


Her train was delayed for five minutes.  So it was still waiting. Just as she stepped onto it, the doors closed. It seemed as if it was waiting for her. “Perfect. Thought Hayden”


The train reached it’s destination. She had five minutes to get to work on time. She would have to run because it usually took her about seven minutes to walk there. But she figured if she ran, she could shave off the two minutes. There was so many people running was hard. Running with a broken umbrella was even harder. As she was crossing the street. A taxi driver hooked at her. She ignored it at first but she keep hooking. When Hayden looked, it was one of her coworker’s.

“Get in.” Shouted her friend Brenda.

When Hayden moved to get in she remembered her umbrella wouldn’t close.  But for some reason she didn’t want to discard it yet. So she tried to close it again and surprisingly it closed. Hayden got in with no questions asked. “Thank you so much for the ride.” Said Hayden

“No problem. I just saw someone struggling with a ratchet umbrella and felt bad. Like someone is having a really terrible day. Then I realized it was you and was happy I could help.” Brenda sat in the back seat of the cab with her legs crossed, this was possible because she was very petite. She was wearing stiletto heels and a red dress.


Hayden walked into work and sat at her desk with two minutes whole minutes to spare. She took a deep breath.

“Good morning Hayden! Your hair looks nice today.”

“Thank you.” Hayden said with a questioned look on her face.

“Was she being sarcastic. After that storm out there my hair probably looks terrible” thought Hayden. She ran into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Her hair was kind of curly, kind of wet. She looked sexy. “Dag no wonder why I’m getting hot guys numbers on the way to work.”

“How does my hair look? Hayden asks Brenda as she walked into the rest room.”

“I really like it. It makes you look sexy. She said walking into the stall. What did you put in it?”

Hayden walked back to her desk and counted the money that she found in the subway. It amounted to 50 dollars. Then she noticed the broken umbrella that she picked out of the garbage can. She thought, I probably have no need for you anymore. But she felt like she was connected to it now. Originally it seemed like her morning would suck but after she found it everything turned right side up. The umbrella was like a good luck charm that escorted her through an intense journey and made her come out on top. It was a hidden charm disguised as a broken umbrella just waiting for someone to earn its value.

“I have an extra umbrella. Let me throw that one out for you.” Said Brenda

“No thank you! It’s okay. I know it looks like trash but it’s very valuable to me.

“You need help, said Brenda.”