My Man

I went to a strange hidden blue house


Because I heard the owner could do incredible things.


She could turn your enemy into a lost thing


She could stop the thunder and the rain


She could summon someone to sooth your pain.


In case you didn’t catch that


I’ll repeat it


She could summon someone for you.


That was just what I wanted to do


When I spoke with the owner of the hidden blue house


I told her my wish


That I would like her to summon the man of my dreams


She said okay, paint a picture for me.


So, I said please when you make him.


Make sure that he is strong so he can protect me


Brave so that he can love dispite fear.


Make sure that he is creative so that he’ll always be able to do nice things for me, even if he has no money.


If you can make him with money though that would be nice too.


I wouldn’t mind a gift or two of Manolo shoes or Jimmy choo’s. Maybe a chanel or Burke bag would be nice too.


Trips to ballets and Broadway plays….

Okay I think you get the point.


When you make him please make sure that he has a brain and voice to avoid destruction and inspire hope.


It would be nice if he could read my mind.. I’m kidding.


But make him willing to teach and compromise.

Last thing just make sure that he truly loves me.